How I Plan To Lose This Blubber

Over the years I have counted Calories, Sins and Points.  All of which worked but only for the time I followed it.  As with any diet you need to stick to the rules and instructions otherwise it fails.  Well the diet doesn’t fail, but we do and its only ourselves we are letting down.

I needed to get myself motivated to lose weight, and family help has given me this motivation. I am going to follow the Dukan Diet.  For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, the diet is made up of four stages Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilisation.

The diet works in the first two stages by removing all Carbs and in the first stage of Attack is Pure Proteins only, this means you can eat freely from a list of 72 foods, which includes beef, chicken, all ocean foods and fat free dairy and eggs.  Once you enter the Cruise phase you can alternate  your days with Pure Protein foods and Protein and Veg.  Most vegetables are allowed with the exception of peas and corn as these are high in natural sugars. There are tonnes of websites with information and can be found via a Google search.

Hope you enjoy the blog, please feel free to leave comments.

Karin xxxx

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