All About Big Ole Me !!!

Hi i started this blog over a year ago in the hopes that I could keep a record of losing weight and succeed, but not all went to plan.  I’ve had a rubbish year with different things happening, I kind of lost my motivation and stopped trying, so much so that I put on an extra half a stone and binged loads.

This time however, I have more incentive for losing weight.  My parents lost weight the Dukan way and having spoken to my Mum lots I decided to give it a go.  So far I am a month into the diet and doing well, so I’ve re-started this blog to keep as a diary of my day to day struggles and trials.

I hope you can join me and keep me company along the way.

Mum, you’re my inspiration and my beautiful clever Daughter L is my motivation.  I will lost weight and keep it off and be a slimmer, fitter person.

This is my story….

and one day I’ll look like this !!!!!

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