Cruising to Victory

I can’t believe how long its been since I posted on here, I kind of forgot all about it as I have been busy following the diet and made friends on a Diet Forum called Minimins.  Its been a massive support and I have a laugh with all the girls.

But to update anyone that has read this so far, I will tell you right now this diet works…with a capital W.  I am within a few pounds of my True Weight, having lost just over 6 stone.  Yes I had the planned cheat on my birthday.  I totally lost it at Christmas for over a week and put 6lb back on and took two months to lose it, a minor cheat on Easter Sunday and apart from the occasional stolen chip off the plates of my daughter and hubby I have really stuck to it.

There have been days when its been so hard and I have struggled, days when I have found the pull of the sweets or chocs almost too much to bare.  BUT…I did it. 

If you are looking to do a diet then Dukan is the way to go.  Buy the book, read it cover to cover, look up a good support forum, plan your menus, stock up the freezer and fridge and go for it.  Even if you only do it for a month the likelihood is that you will lose so much that you don’t want to stop.



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