Cruise Week 6 … Lost .25lb

A very up and down week this week.  I lost a good amount over two days and then put it back on.  I don’t really know what it was though I have been taking antibiotics this week, though I’m not convinced thats the reason.  But a loss is a loss, I was hoping to hit 25lb for my birthday on Friday, which was my new target having reached 21lb last week.

I’m in two minds as to whether or not to weigh each day this week and see what the surprise is on Friday.  Mainly because I was so disappointed last week on the days that I gained.  Having said that if I hadn’t weighed every day and I got to the end of the week and saw I’d only lost a quarter of a pound I would have been devastated.

I’m actually planning a little cheat on Friday, after all if you can’t cheat on your birthday when can you LOL.  So i am going to have a Jacket Potato (homegrown), and an ice cream.  I might might just stretch to two chocolates  After all the chocs I’ve been bought or given this last two months I have missed out on them all, either giving them away or putting away, so i’m thinking hmmmm birthday chocolates LOL. Does it sound too much for cheating, i don’t know.  But I do know that I won’t be having a massive potato (don’t think they’ve grown that much 🙂 ) One Ice Cream Lolly and Two Chocolates.  I am very confident that I can get back to it as normal on Saturday and that regardless of what damage i do on the scales i will own my own mistakes.

We’re going to Yorkshire Wildlife Centre on Thursday and I’ve already planned my food to take.  Its a PP day and its probably a bit easier it being that.  I’m going to make some beef patties, chicken tikka strips and plain beef strips.  A couple of boiled eggs, crabsticks and I will have some of my Dukan bread.  That should cover a full day of eating with anything left over being saved for Supper.

See you next time, thanks for reading xx


One thought on “Cruise Week 6 … Lost .25lb

  1. Hello dear, watch the cheating! I know it’s your birthday but in my experience even a bite of cheat sometimes opens up a floodgate that is very difficult to get control over. I lost 115lbs while following The Dukan Diet, so the experience is there. 😉

    If you really need to cheat on your birthday, make sure to set very strict rules for exaclty what you plan on eating with no changes allowed. Don’t justify after you eat what you decide on with ‘well it’s my birthday so I can eat an extra whatever’. Make a plan and stick with it and then carefully plan your next day to be as strict and Dukan as possible.

    Good luck! Happy birthday, you are doing amazingly. The diet works, keep working hard!

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