Cruise Week 5 … Lost 3.25lb

A good week this week, am very pleased with my loss which now means I have lost

1 stone 7lb YAY….

A stone and a half lost, in 6 full weeks on the diet. I was aiming for at least this loss by 10th August, so now I need to give myself a new aim. 🙂

I’ve had a few good feeling moments this week.

  • My belt no longer has a hole that I can use….I need to make some more
  • My almost new Jeans are very baggy, hence the need for a new belt
  • My old scruffy jeans have had a new button sewn on, 1.5in away from the existing one.
  • My top size has gown down 1 size.

I’ve settled into a rhythm now with oatbran & wheatbran allowances, on PP days I have a Dukan Bread roll and on PV days I have muffins.  All with half my allowances so I can still have my porridge.  All of which help to fill me up in the day.

I’ve discovered a new favourite meal, for any day.   I use chopped crabsticks, prawns, smoked salmon.  Mix it all together. Add to 2 beaten eggs and 100g of cottage cheese.  Mix all together well and then bake in an oven at about 200 C for about 20 mins.  Its very filling.






2 thoughts on “Cruise Week 5 … Lost 3.25lb

  1. Hiii. I’m so glad you are back blogging and so successful on the Dukan diet!! Well done you. I wish I could have stuck to it and your the secong blogger I follow who is having great success. Maybe I should try again. It’s just on my limited budget the initial phase is very costly. Eeek. Keep up the excellent work!! xx

    • Hiya, thanks for still following. I needed to do something and after the success of my parents I decided to have a go. It has its ups and downs like anything, and yes it is expensive. I find I am using huge amounts of eggs, and I love smoked salmon. I don’t know if you are in the UK, but in Asda they sell it in their value range and its quite a good price. having said that, the savings on crisps, bread, potatos etc., covers at least half of it. Thanks again xx

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