Drink, Drink, Drink…

I keep forgetting to drink.  I started the week really well drinking nearly 3 litres each day, but for the last few days my intake has dropped.  I had a horrid snotty cold at the start of the week and I think that maybe the drinks helped my throat.

I discovered some weight watchers cordial, less than 0.1g of fat and less than 1g of carbs in a glassful.  So I’ve been drinking these in a bid to up my fluids.  I do struggle quite a bit with plain boring water, its ok having a small glass whilst I take some tablets, or just to quench thirst in that moment, but to drink cup after cup of it is difficult.

I have tried not to drink too much coke, simply because I think it is bloating me at the moment, having said that there are other reasons for bloat too, hopefully a few more days and I will feel a bit more normal 🙂 whatever that is.

I’ve also found some flavoured chewing gum.  I don’t mind the mint ones, but lets face it, just occasionally you need a sweet taste fix and the fruit ones help.  I’m not eating loads of them, just a couple a day but I will be keeping an eye on the weight and if I seem to stall then the chewing gum and cordial will have to be put away.

Have got some seafood quiches for lunch, looking forward to them as I’ve put lots of different things in it. Lets hope the rest of the family likes them, otherwise I’ve got more to eat….yum yum, second thoughts maybe I’ll keep them for myself LOL.

Right time for lunch….have waited long enough…


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