Plodding along…

Have been plodding through the last few days, things going on which has deflated me a bit, but am determined to lose this weight and stick to the diet.  I haven’t followed a diet for this long for a few years and I feel quite motivated by it.  The more I lose, the better I feel.  I put 3/4lb back on yesterday morning and thankfully lost it again this morning.  No clue why as I haven’t cheated, but I did have a new item for my supper.

But having re looked through the book I have a feeling I may have stuffed up a bit, need to research more.  I could swear i saw seaweed mentioned somewhere in the book (might have been online) but as its really a vegetable and the fat content is <0.1g per 100g I thought it would be ok.  However, the carbs are really high.

I do get quite confused with which figure i should be watching as not everything we have has low on both numbers.  The sheets of seaweed are the types they use to make sushi, but I’ve used them like a wrap with smoked salmon and prawns.  I will have to google and see what I can find out.

I’ve upped my fluids over the last few days, lots more trips for a wee LOL.  Its the getting up at night that gets to me, it means not a full nights sleep, but it will all be worth it…


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