I Had A Dream…

…last night!!

I dreamt I ate a chocolate.

I won a box of chocolates yesterday at an event, and once home gave it to my DH and DD for them to eat.  After tea they sat and ate a few each.  I was a bit jealous of them eating them, but still determined not to cheat.

In my dream, I was at school in the staff room, my daughter was with me, though normally children don’t go in the staff room, so not sure why she was with me.  Someone was offering round a box of chocolates, similar in layout to Milk Tray.  My daughter chose and ate one, and so did I.  One of the teachers (who is very slim) said, “I’m not eating one, I don’t want to be fat” looking at me.

I responded “Hey, I’ve lost two stone so far”

I actually felt guilty thou I’m  not sure if it was because I ate the chocolate or because i was reminded of my size.  It annoyed me too, mainly because the teacher in question has a habit of ignoring me at work in real life.

Anyway, it was just a dream…and its thrown away LOL.


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