Dieting the Dukan Way

So I’ve been on the Dukan Diet now for nearly four weeks.  I started Attack for 7 days and lost 6.8lbs.  Cruise weeks so far have been relatively easy though I have had a few stalls along the way.  Monday and Tuesday this week I put on 1.5lb and I couldn’t figure out why or how.  For the last three days I lost weight and reached the first stone….YAY!!!!!

This morning I put on half a pound again, but after the scales had told me 1.5lb loss yesterday I knew that it was likely to happen.  This far into the diet I shouldn’t be losing that much every day.

I’m enjoying the Dukan Diet quite a bit, I’ve discovered herbs and spices I never would have used before, I’ve got loads of fresh herbs in the freezer and spices that have been in the cupboard for yonks are finally getting used LOL.  The recipes are great, I’ve been eating loads of chicken and fish recipes and discovering new favourites.

This recipe I discovered by accident when I changed my mind on what to cook with the ingredients.  A very simple, filling recipe.

Smoked Salmon Omelette

  • Half a pack of Smoked Salmon (I buy Asda Smart Price trimmings for 90p)
  • 2 Eggs (beaten)
  • 30ml of Skim Milk (mix in with the egg)
  • 100g Cottage Cheese
  1. First fry the salmon in the frying pan until almost cooked, then poor in the beaten egg.
  2. Fry as any omelette turning over when the first side is cooked.
  3. Fold in half and serve with the cottage cheese.

I found this very scrumptious, the combination of tastes are lovely.  You don’t need any additional spices or seasoning because the salmon adds taste to eggs.


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